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Guest Blogging Guidelines

Here at Nexus Marketing, we pride ourselves on producing and publishing high-quality content that truly brings value to the social good sector. Therefore, when we accept content on behalf of our clients and partners, we want to be sure to uphold the same level of quality. If you’re interested in providing reciprocal content for any of our clients or partners, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Before writing a post, the partner must send the following for approval: 
    • The proposed title.
    • A few-sentence description of what the article will cover.
  2. Every post must be approved by the client before being posted to the blog. 
  3. Guest author posts should be 1,000+ words in length.
  4. Content should be high-quality thought leadership, following these best practices:
    • Content should be presented in an “X best practices/tip/strategies/etc.”  format. 
    • Content should be relevant to the partnering organization’s target audience. 
    • Content should use the same tone and style as the other content located on the client’s blog. 
    • Content should use studies, statistics, and other reputable research to back up claims made in the article. 
    • Content should provide actionable advice and recommendations directly relevant to the audience. 
    • Content should avoid overly promotional language for partner services.
    • Content text should be broken up by bullet points, short paragraphs, etc.  
  5. Content should include approximately 8-10 links in total, alternating between the client and partner’s own website.
  6. Formatting should follow these best practices: 
    • The title should be styled as an H1. 
    • Subsections should be styled as H2s. You can include H3 subsections within those when applicable. 
    • Include a horizontal line at the end of the article that precedes a short conclusion. 
    • Include a recommended meta description (150-160 characters) at the top of every article.
    • Include at least one feature image per article. 
    • Please use the Oxford comma.
  7. The post’s structure should follow these guidelines: 
    •  Paragraphs should be around 3 sentences.  
    •  Content should be skimmable.
  8. All images in an article must be images purchased or created by the contributing party. Free images from free stock photo websites are not allowed, as these are not reliably or permanently free of copyright issues. Images that do not follow these guidelines will be removed.

Note: We’ve included these guidelines because we are careful with images in all content we publish. We would like to avoid Nexus or our clients being liable for copyright infringement. All submitted content is subject to editorial review by both the Nexus team and the client on whose site the article will be published.