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How Does Publishing With Nexus Partners Work?


  1. Once you have approved your content for publication, it goes to our Content Publishing Coordinator team, who interface directly with our publishing partners.
  2. They send the draft and your author bio, and any other supplementary materials needed.
  3. From there, the partner reviews the piece and requests any edits to match their house style and audience needs.
  4. Once the edits have been agreed upon, the partner will give us a publication date and a live link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I expect my offsite piece to go live?

A: This varies based on the partner’s content calendar and Nexus’s work schedule. You can expect that pieces should go live within the quarter it is sent to the partner, but exact publication dates are subject to how Nexus works with each partner and the partner’s content schedule. Our CPC team follows up with partners about a piece that is sent off with every subsequent post that gets sent off and at our quarterly check-ins to ensure it goes live. The average partner agrees to four guest posts per quarter, which means Nexus follows up roughly four times about your content.

Q: How can I ensure my pieces go live quickly?

A: Being responsive to requests from your account team and being flexible with partner publishing requirements and edits will help your offsite pieces get published as quickly as possible.

Q: How often does Nexus talk to its partners?

A: Nexus is in touch with our partners once per quarter on our check-in calls where we discuss content calendars, and then throughout the quarter as pieces are ready for publication and as cross-marketing opportunities pop up. Outside of our regular contact schedule, we will also follow up to ask about pieces that are pending publication if we do not have a projected go-live date.

Q: Why am I getting guest posts for my blog?

A: Some of our publishing partners work with us on the condition that they are also able to contribute content to our clients in return. If you have questions or concerns about guest posts on your blog, please let your account team know so that we can ensure we’re making good matches between our partners and our clients.