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The Partnership Program and The CPC Team

The partnership program is a method of sourcing external marketing activities, including blogging, that we launched in 2021 as a more effective and stable method of finding and working with the various blogs and websites that host content from Nexus clients. 

We coordinate quarterly content calendars with a growing network of over 100 partners. This makes it so we can easily and reliably line up an entire quarter’s worth of content ahead of time, making sure goals are met and freeing up time to work on other valuable projects and activities. 

Content Publishing Coordinators, or CPCs, are the Nexus team members who source partners, coordinate activities, and manage our network of relationships. They are the ones who are responsible for lining up any external placements, and will be your main point of contact for this activity. 

Why Introductions are Valuable

We ask each client to provide a list of relationships you have in your industry that you would be comfortable introducing to us.  

This is valuable for the engagement for three main reasons: 

  • Building a niche in your industry. Eventually, we will ask for introductions from many of the partners you are introducing us to. One partner in a niche area you’re interested in will often introduce us to others who we can then leverage for your engagement down the line. This means we will have a deeper pool of highly relevant placements for your content. 
  • Creating link diversity. Google values pages and domains that are being linked to from a wide variety of sources. The more relevant partners we have in the program, the easier it is to build up the diversity of your link portfolio. If every client were to make just one introduction that led to a signed partner, the number of relationships you will be able to leverage would increase substantially.  
  • Deepen relationships with your partners. Including your existing partners in the Nexus program creates more opportunities for content collaboration, social sharing, and other cross-marketing opportunities that mutually benefit both parties. 

Expected Timeline

  • One Week. If provided, review the list of potentially interesting relationships sent to you by the CPC. Where appropriate, add new suggestions for the CPC to take a look at. 
  • Within Two Weeks. Set up a meeting with the CPC and Account Manager to knock out the introductions and responses on a call (see Introduction Send Off Meetings below). 
  • Within a Month. CPC will follow up with the potential new partner and pitch a blog from you as an initial activity. 
  • Within Two Months. Your blog will be sent to and go live on the potential partner’s blog.

Introduction Send Off Meetings

Introduction meetings will take roughly fifteen minutes, and will include yourself, the CPC, and your account manager. The account manager will be on the line to help answer any questions related to your engagement, and the CPC will be taking the lead on the activity itself. 

  • Before the meeting. Before the meeting, you and the CPC will have finalized a list of organizations to introduce, and the CPC will have sent you all the necessary email templates. 
  • Questions. Before getting started, feel free to ask the CPC and/or AM any clarifying questions you may have about the introduction activity. 
  • Sending intros. Using the provided templates, you will send introductory emails to the CPC who will respond as you send them to set up a meeting with the partner. Once all emails are sent, the CPC can handle follow-up from there!


Q: What sort of relationships count as partners? 

A: Potential partners can be anything from formal relationships to more casual contacts. This could include: 

  • Integrations
  • Resellers 
  • Conference Organizers 
  • Marketing Partners 
  • Contacts and Acquaintances from Your Industry
  • People Who Have Reached Out to You Previously for Collaboration Opportunities

Q: What makes a good potential partner? Who should I suggest? 

A: An ideal partner will meet at least a handful of the following criteria: 

  • High Domain Authority (this is something Nexus can determine)
  • Active blog that posts content relevant to your business and industry on a regular basis
  • Engages in other channels of marketing such as webinars, podcasts, social media promotion, etc…
  • Known influencers within your space who have lots of contacts or clout

Q: What if an introduction comes up after this activity? Should I send it along to the CPC? 

A: Before sending any introductions, make sure to check in with the CPC for approval Just because a partner is valuable in one capacity does not mean they would be an ideal candidate for SEO activities. To make sure everyone’s time is used effectively, it’s best to wait until the Nexus team verifies the usefulness of any given relationship to your SEO strategy. 

Email Templates for Client Use

Subject: Introduction to Nexus Marketing 


Hi, I hope you’ve been well. [Insert any other context or greeting you feel is appropriate]. We’d love to work with you on some cross-marketing, and I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a cross-blogging activity in the near future? 

We’ve been working with Nexus Marketing on SEO and content strategy, and they handle these sorts of activities for us. I’ve introduced [CPC], who can pitch you some specific ideas and talk details if you’re interested! 

[CPC] – This is [POC] from [PARTNER]. I’ll let you take it from here. 


[Your Name]