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LinkedIn Content Promotion Program

What Is It?

Nexus Marketing now offers LinkedIn promotion of the content we create for our clients. When we have an article go live on your site or within our partner network, we will schedule it to be promoted on your company’s LinkedIn with custom text, a custom image specifically for social media, industry-relevant hashtags, and a trackable link. At the end of the month, we will provide an analytics report that includes engagement metrics like post impressions and page clicks.

How It Works

  1. Nexus already creates thought leadership content on your behalf, both for your site and our publishing partners.
  2. We’ll schedule a post on your LinkedIn promoting every piece of content that goes live as a result of Nexus activities.
  3. Posts will include a feature image custom to LinkedIn, custom text to engage readers, 3-5 industry-relevant hashtags, and a trackable link to track visitors from social. We’ll also tag the publishing partner where applicable.
  4. Your account manager will notify you when LinkedIn posts are live and can provide a standard monthly analytics report of the activities Nexus does on LinkedIn. The report will include page clicks, post impressions and reach, audience engagement and composition data, and profile performance.

Why Promote Thought Leadership?

Thought leadership content creates brand awareness and increases trust in a brand, so that when the time comes to buy, your audience trusts you. According to LinkedIn, 49% of decision-makers rate thought leadership as effective at influencing their purchase decisions. 

Promoting your thought leadership via social media enables you to build trust in your brand.

How you distribute your thought leadership is just as important as creating it in the first place. In a study by Edelman and LinkedIn, 58% of thought leadership producers attribute the success of their last exceptional piece to promotion and distribution. LinkedIn is the optimal social media platform to highlight thought leadership because of the audience of B2B professionals present on the site.

At Nexus, we are already creating industry-specific thought leadership on behalf of our clients. We want to ensure the widest possible distribution, get maximum value out of the work we’re already doing together, and take one more thing off your plate by promoting the content we create on your company’s LinkedIn.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in having Nexus promote your content on your company’s LinkedIn, reach out to your account manager for more detailed information regarding pricing based on your engagement.