Nonprofit Industry Pros Wanted

Goal: These short webinars are designed to provide industry pro tips to nonprofits from experts in a way that is easy to understand and does not take up too much of the viewer’s time.

Interested in Thought Leadership on: Fundraising, marketing, and administration for large and established nonprofits, nonprofit agencies, or institutions of higher education

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Guests should be prepared to deliver a 10-minute pro tip to the nonprofit community and offer tactical ways for organizations to implement their pro tip. In addition, the guest should be able to provide a downloadable asset that nonprofit professionals would find beneficial when looking to use the pro tip within their organization.

Host Sector: Fundraising, Data Analytics, and Advertising

Host Audience: Professionals at large nonprofits, agencies, or higher education institutions

Past Contributors: TCB Fundraising,, OneCause

Past Topics Have Covered: SMS campaigns, digital advertising, and storytelling

Date of opportunity: Applications are welcome now, but introduction emails will be sent and the webinars will be recorded in Q3 2022

Added as a HAPO Listing: September 2021