Fundraising Strategy Webinar Guest Wanted

Goal: These free webinars aim to provide a tangible tip or take-away that the viewer can use immediately or in the near future as well as a longer-term strategy. Their users are running event fundraisers already, but are looking to learn how to maximize their effort before, during, and after.

Interested in Thought Leadership on: Fundraising strategy, engagement, open to chat about anything that is of value to make money for a cause.

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: The ideal contributor is open to chatting in advance about the topic and finding something that is beneficial to both audiences. Contributor will also help promote the webinar.

Host Sector: Event & Auction Fundraising SaaS

Host Audience: NPOs ranging from small and local to national. 80% US, 10% Canadian, 10% global.

Host Audience Reach: Outbound marketing reach is approx. 2K emails of current and active users

Past Contributors: ShopRaise, professional event producers

Past Topics Have Covered: P2P fundraising, Giving Tuesday,  event websites, compliance

Date of opportunity: Flexible (general timeframe: March, April, May)

Added as a HAPO Listing: January 2022