Inspiring Storytellers Wanted

Goal: Dedicated to helping people live and work happier. To truly spread your wings and achieve lift-off, you have to focus on what actually matters most to you.

Interested in Thought Leadership and Stories on: 

  • Strategic Growth
  • Personal and Professional Growth Stories, and the intersection of the two
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Saying No so that you can say Yes
  • Maximizing Focus on the Right things
  • Minimizing Distractions

Host Sector: Branding and marketing agency, small businesses and tech startups, social impact agencies 

Host Audience: Entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses, personal coaches, female CEOs

Past Contributors: Maureen Wallbeoff, Nick Petros, Ian Adair

Past Topics Have Covered:

  • Entrepreneur growth
  • Brand building
  • Growing your business with podcasting
  • Mental health in the workplace

Date of opportunity: Flexible

Deadline: Rolling

Added as a HAPO Listing: May 2022