Purpose-driven Marketing Experts Wanted

Goal: Take listeners behind the feed – sharing marketing case studies, stories and insights from thought leaders in the purpose-driven space on the podcast

Interested in Thought Leadership On: Purpose-driven marketing, digital marketing trends, social media

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Digital leaders, founders, marketing leads with experience in social media or running a marketing campaign

Host Sector: Purpose-driven digital marketing & nonprofits

Host Audience: Marketing professionals at nonprofits and other purpose-driven organizations

Host Audience Reach: (See Sponsorship Info)

Past Contributors: Samantha Vlasceanu (The TikTok Coach), Shannon McLaughin (Animal Haven), Cubby Graham (charity: water)

Past Topics Have Covered: “How to Pitch Influencers and SEO Tips,” “3 Tips on How to Make Your Content Stand Out,” “What’s Working Right Now on Instagram”

Sponsorship Information: Partnership Information (Note: For platforms / tech companies there is a $750 fee to be on the show or you can look into involvement in a partnership package. Sponsorship is not required for non-tech companies to appear on the podcast unless your company is looking for promotion. )

Date of opportunity: Ongoing

Deadline: Ongoing

Added as a HAPO Listing: October 2022