We’re Expanding Our Offerings: Meet NXUnite, an Online Resource for Panels, Webinars, and More

Nexus Marketing Clients and Partners Now Have a Direct Line to Mission-Driven Organizations through NXUnite

Nexus Marketing is expanding offers to partners and clients by launching NXUnite, an easier way for mission-driven solution providers to reach mission-driven organizations.

Since our inception in 2014, Nexus Marketing has continually brought first-class organic demand generation marketing techniques to businesses that offer solutions to nonprofits, associations, k-12 schools, universities, and faith-based organizations.

Last year, we brought the Help A Partner Out (HAPO) program to the world.

HAPO by Nexus Marketing makes connections between clients, partners, and friends in the industry for cross-marketing and educational opportunities, like webinars, podcasts, and conferences.

With Nexus’s client and partner network of hundreds of organizations in the mission-driven space, we’ve made it easy for you to find and share collaboration opportunities. Our dozens of placements to date speak for themselves – HAPO has been a hit.

Continuing our forward momentum, we bring you NXUnite: an online learning and networking hub for Nexus clients and partners to share their expertise, helping mission-driven organizations learn, network, and grow.

Taking the HAPO concept to the next level, we’re aiming to foster connections between mission-driven organizations and solution providers at a massive scale. We’re providing change-makers with foundational content, recommendations, introductions, and more. And Nexus Marketing partners and clients will always be at the center.

When an NXUnite community member attends a webinar, we know we can trust a Nexus Marketing client or partner to provide the best experience on that webinar. We know those experts are the voices NXUnite members want to hear on panels. With all our Nexus partners and clients lending their expertise through the singular hub of NXUnite, we’re able to provide better experiences for mission-driven organizations – and provide our partners and clients with greater exposure to those organizations than ever before.

NXUnite and its upcoming panel series is a groundbreaking opportunity for Nexus Marketing clients and partners to get directly in front of the mission-driven audiences they want to speak with.

We’re already off to the races here, coordinating webinars and expert panels for the change-makers are NXUnite to help our clients and partners grow their organic demand generation. Are you interested in being a part of it? Let us know.

Learn more about our NXUnite Panels Series: https://nxunite.com/webinars-and-panels/