Off-site Content FAQs

On what timeline can I expect partner posts to go live?

Our clients often want to know when they can expect pieces to go live on partners’ websites. Typically, posts go live within a month of being sent to a publisher.

When a Content Publishing Coordinator (CPC) sends off a piece, it is standard practice to ask for a specific publication date from our partners. In the event that a partner does not provide a specific publication date, the CPC follows up via email every two weeks.

If after 90 days the partner has still not provided a target publication date, the CPC will pull the piece, so it can be repurposed for another partner. Our biggest priority is making sure client content goes live.

How does Nexus find partners that are a good fit?

One of our biggest priorities as a team is to make sure that clients are satisfied with the off-site placements we secure for their content. Nexus has purposefully developed a diverse partnership network that ideally includes industry-appropriate connections, and the CPC team is consistently leveraging current partner relationships to expand the partnership network. 

Ultimately, link building is beneficial for building online authority and other SEO outcomes even when partners may be a little outside of a client’s ideal target audience. However, we do have processes in place to target industry-specific placements for clients who may have a more niche offering. This outreach includes:

  • Specific outreach on behalf of clients to their existing connections
  • Beginning a “chilly outreach” process to leverage client POCs’ relationships within the industry
  • Reaching out to top provider lists. 

What should I expect from partner posts?

Here are elements to expect in partner posts:

  • Long-form educational content covering topics relevant to both client and hosting partner
  • Authority building references to client resources

High-quality, long-form content is more valuable for partners. The two biggest benefits of partner posts are link building and thought leadership development.

  • Link building: educational blog posts appear more natural to Google and generally perform better and can reference a number of different client pages, conveying the partner’s online authority to the client.
  • Thought leadership: high quality educational content helps our clients get in front of audiences that could benefit from their expertise and develop brand recognition with the mission-driven space, both of which are intended to pull new leads into the sales funnel. 

How are topics for partner posts determined?

Topics for partner posts are brainstormed with guidance from the Account Manager and Copywriter based on the expertise of the client. These titles are then aligned with relevant publishing partners so as to show off the client’s industry thought leadership and also fit with their blog’s specific audience needs.

For these external blog posts, we are less focused on keywords than getting the client a diverse backlinking profile to build authority to their website in the eyes of Google.

When we are selecting and pitching titles, we are mindful of what linking priorities have been set by client and their Account Managers, but the topics don’t need to match exactly in order to build links naturally. 

Why have I received a partner post for my blog?

Some of our publishing partners work with us on the condition that they are also able to contribute content to our clients in return. By accepting content on your blog you expand the number of partners you can publish with in turn (note: some of our most high-value partners require reciprocation). If you have questions or concerns about guest posts on your blog, please let your account team or content publishing coordinator know so that we can ensure we’re making good matches between our partners and our clients.

I’ve been asked to review a partner post for my blog, what is needed of me?

Your copywriting team will be uploading the partner blog post once it is approved by you, so all you need to do is give your approval to have it published on your blog. If you’d like, you are welcome to read through it and provide feedback, but this is not considered necessary as the blog post has already been reviewed by a Nexus team member. 

We ask that you approve these pieces in a timely manner, as this is what we require of our partners when we send them your content. Ideally, blog posts will be published within 2 weeks. By our policy, we want no piece to remain in this liminal state longer than 90 days.