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Current HAPO (Help A Partner Out) Opportunities

Have an upcoming webinar you’d like a co-host for? Interested in sharing your expertise on a podcast? Want to dig into the data through co-sponsored research? We’re happy to connect you with contributors as well as connect you with other mission-driven businesses hosting marketing collaborations. Let us make it easy for you to connect with others in the social good sector!

Please review the listed opportunities and submit this survey to indicate interest. (You may submit for more than one listing in the same survey.)


W-002: Webinar Guest Wanted

Host Sector: Nonprofit Education

Host Audience: Nonprofit professionals who are looking for their next nonprofit job, or business or government professionals who are looking to transition into the nonprofit sector.

Goal: Host platform meets via Zoom each month. The goal of the series is to provide perspective on either what it is like to work in a nonprofit (a recent program was on bullying and burnout in the nonprofit workplace), introduce a particular nonprofit job (a past program was on grantwriting) or some aspect of nonprofit work (such as starting a nonprofit).

Interested in Thought Leadership on: Nonprofit career-related topics

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: The ideal contributor is someone with work experience in the sector, or experience in supporting the sector as a consultant, freelancer or vendor. They may create a presentation or work with the host to develop a series of questions for a Q&A format. All sessions are recorded and posted on the host’s site and the host’s YouTube channel.

Past Topics Have Covered: Grantwriting, volunteering, executive search, social entrepreneurship, diversity and equity, and more.

Date of opportunity: Flexible

Added as a HAPO Listing: May 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “W-002.” 

W-003: Webinar Guest Wanted

Host Sector: Texting software

Host Audience: Organizers, consultants, fundraising directors

Goal: Looking to host educational fundraising webinars focused on Giving Tuesday. Specific topics would be determined with collaborator.

Date of opportunity: Flexible – Q4

Deadline: Rolling

Added as a HAPO Listing: July 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “W-003.”

W-004: Webinar Guest Wanted

Host Sector: Social impact software (primarily grants management and CSR)

Host Audience: Grantmakers and CSR Professionals

Goal: To provide educational content and dissemination of relevant information through a webinar for grantmakers and CSR professionals.

Interested in Thought Leadership on: Philanthropy or CSR

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Guests should have topic-based expertise on a subject relevant to the world of philanthropy or CSR.

Past Contributors: Kari Aanestad (co director of, Washington State Department of Commerce 

Past Topics Have Covered: How to improve your grantmaking with grant management software, how to center equity in your grantmaking 

Additional Information: We do not do direct promotions of speaker organizations or brands.

Date of opportunity: Flexible 

Deadline: Rolling 

Added as a HAPO Listing: July 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “W-004.”

W-005: Webinar Guest Wanted

Host Sector: Charity auctions and events

Host Audience: Individuals at charities tasked with planning events

Goal: The goal of these webinars is to provide specific and actionable advice on running events that nonprofits would find helpful during various phases of the event planning process. 

Interested in Thought Leadership on: How to future proof events with hybrid concepts, though the host is open to other topics related to event planning and strategy. 

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: In search of nonprofit professionals who can speak to effective auction planning and event strategy. 

Past Topics Have Covered: Hybrid Galas

Date of opportunity: Flexible

Deadline: Rolling

Added as a HAPO Listing: August 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “W-005.”

W-006: Webinar Guest Wanted

Host Sector: Nonprofit digital agency

Host Audience: US based nonprofit professionals 

Host Audience Reach: 50-100 registrants per webinar (reach is 5K-10K through email marketing, organic, and paid social)

Goal: To bring value and educate our community and clients.

Interested in Thought Leadership on: Grant writing as well as other topics pertaining to marketing 

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: No qualifications 

Past Contributors: Nonprofit Megaphone, Bloomerang

Past Topics Have Covered: Creative virtual fundraising, data-backed strategies to engage and inspire donors 

Additional Information: We host a monthly FREE webinar to help nonprofit professionals. The webinar usually takes place mid-week on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. 

Date of opportunity: Flexible

Deadline: Rolling 

Added as a HAPO Listing: August 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “W-006.”

W-007: Webinar Guests Wanted

Host Sector: Background Check Software

Host Audience: Nonprofits, faith-based organizations, small businesses

Goal: This webinar series aims to provide expert advice on hiring and training for professionals in various industries whether that be insight on strategy, planning, or adapting to current trends. 

Interested in Thought Leadership on: Hiring or training in one of the above industries. 

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Work in one of the related industries and can speak as an expert on hiring or training for their organization/industry.

Past Contributors: Fountain, ClearCompany, Jazz HR

Past Topics Have Covered: Onboarding staff, working with blended teams, hiring efficiency, talent retention, hiring remotely, etc. 

Date of opportunity: Flexible

Deadline: Rolling

Added as a HAPO Listing: September 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “W-007.”

W-008: Webinar Guest Wanted

Host Sector: Nonprofit Web Design Experts

Host Audience: Nonprofit Professionals

Goal: This webinar series provides direct insight on effective uses of technology in the nonprofit space from the perspective of experts who have put the advice into practice with success. 

Interested in Thought Leadership on: Technology in nonprofit work

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Expert in the nonprofit sector interested in speaking on the logistics of using technology to run a nonprofit. Contributor is expected to reciprocate the marketing relationship. 

Past Contributors:  SalsaLabs, Julia Campbell Social Marketing

Past Topics Have Covered: Web accessibility, Google Ad Grants, Social Media Strategy, and #GivingTuesday Campaigns. 

Date of opportunity: Flexible

Deadline: Rolling

Added as a HAPO Listing: September 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “W-008.”

W-009: Webinar Guest Wanted

Host Sector: Fundraising Software

Host Audience: Nonprofits, schools, faith-based organizations

Goal: Looking to host educational webinars to share fundraising and donor engagement expertise and advice with customers. 

Interested in Thought Leadership on: Fundraising, donor management, donor engagement

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Thought leaders and educators within the nonprofit sector. Would love contributors with engaging success stories and actionable insights to share. 

Date of opportunity: Flexible – likely looking at Q1 of 2022

Deadline: Rolling

Added as a HAPO Listing: September 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “W-009.”

W-010: Webinar Guest Wanted

Host Sector: Digital learning/ associations, life sciences, and corporate spaces

Host Audience: Associations, legal education, professional education, and clinical 

Host Audience Reach: Audience of upwards of 300 attendants (combined live and streams)

Goal: To provide informative content about a topic relevant to virtual events or educational content.

Interested in Thought Leadership on: Virtual events, educational content, virtual event platforms, gamification

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Experience in the relevant sector. 

Past Contributors: BadgeCert, Falcon Events

Past Topics Have Covered: Live streaming trends, association trends, corporate mindfulness

Date of opportunity: Flexible

Deadline: Rolling

Added as a HAPO Listing: September 2021 

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “W-010.” 

W-011: Webinar Guest Wanted

Host Sector: Fundraising Device and Virtual Platform

Host Audience: Nonprofit staff and board members

Host Audience Reach: 22,000

Goal: Looking to host webinars to provide learning opportunities for our customers to help them further develop their fundraising strategies. 

Interested in Thought Leadership on: Fundraising and donor engagement

Past Topics Have Covered: Understanding corporate philanthropy, communicating with donors through branding, maximizing donations

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Speakers/guests should have topic-based experience on a subject relevant to donor engagement or fundraising. No direct promotion of speaker organizations or brands. 

Date of opportunity: Flexible – in 2021

Deadline: Flexible

Added as a HAPO Listing: September 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “W-011.”

W-012: Webinar Guest Wanted 

Host Sector: Fundraising, Data Analytics, and Advertising

Host Audience: Professionals at large nonprofits, agencies, or higher education institutions

Goal: These short webinars are designed to provide industry pro tips to nonprofits from experts in a way that is easy to understand and does not take up too much of the viewer’s time. 

Interested in Thought Leadership on: Fundraising, marketing, and administration for large and established nonprofits, nonprofit agencies, or institutions of higher education

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Guests should be prepared to deliver a 10-minute pro tip to the nonprofit community and offer tactical ways for organizations to implement their pro tip. In addition, the guest should be able to provide a downloadable asset that nonprofit professionals would find beneficial when looking to use the pro tip within their organization.

Past Contributors: TCB Fundraising,, OneCause

Past Topics Have Covered: SMS campaigns, digital advertising, and storytelling

Date of opportunity: Rolling

Added as a HAPO Listing: September 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “W-012.”


P-002: Podcasts Guests and Sponsors Wanted

Host Sector: Nonprofit consulting

Host Audience: Nonprofit exec, board members, nonprofit consultants, nonprofit leaders

Host Audience Reach: 4,500 per month


  • Help nonprofits improve their management game through 
  • Help podcast stakeholders (guests, sponsors, etc.) improve their reach
  • Have some fun together! 

Interested in Thought Leadership on: Insider giving (trading, stocks), diversity, but also open to anything within the nonprofit sector

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Be involved in the nonprofit sector as a leader, expert, consultant – thought leader in the nonprofit sector

Past Contributors: Tania Anaissie, David Nadelman, Katie Appold 

Past Topics Have Covered: Process consultants, power-sharing, collective leadership, misconceptions about the nonprofit sphere

Sponsorship Information: Required for brand and book promotion.  

Date of opportunity: Flexible

Deadline: Rolling

Added as a HAPO Listing: June 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “P-002.”


P-003: Podcast Guests and Sponsors Wanted

Host Sector: Nonprofit Education and Professional Development

Host Audience: US, Canada, UK; 26-45 years old; 63% female; 51% ED/Manager/Director, $1-10M, Team Size 67% 10 and under

Host Audience Reach: 50,000

Goal: Podcast dedicated to bringing subscribers the best content in all forms and transforming organizations for good, through conversations with the industry’s most influential thought leaders.

Interested in Thought Leadership on:

  • Nonprofit Budgeting
  • How to climb the nonprofit career ladder
  • Annual Report writing – design, storytelling, etc.
  • Blogging best practices
  • Campaigns – tips, best practices, research, how to get started, process
  • How to get your whole team fundraising
  • Board engagement best practices
  • Tools and Practices of Highly Connected Teams
  • Remote Working Roles in Nonprofits – how to find, how to do them, what to look for
  • 990 basics
  • Google Ad Grants
  • Team and Board Appreciation
  • Texting Your Donors

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications:

  • Great social media following
  • Presentation skills
  • Willingness to share host resources and events
  • Desire to expand on partnership with host

Past Contributors: Elizabeth Abel (CCS Fundraising), Chris Hammond (Corporate giving Connection), Masami Sato (B1G1)

Past Topics Have Covered: Mentorship, donor attraction, marketing plans

Date of opportunity: Q1 2022

Deadline: Rolling

Added as a HAPO Listing: July 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “P-003.”

P-005: Podcast Sponsors Wanted

Host Sector: Podcast and Blog

Host Audience: Nonprofit leaders, young professionals, social do-gooders, philanthropists

Host Audience Reach: 6,000 monthly

Qualifications for Contributors: Values-aligned partners only. Host values are: Everyone Matters; Play the long game; simplify, humanize & tell a great story; It’s not just about giving. It’s about belief; Cultivate & mobilize rabid fans; Steward relentlessly; Disrupt. Grow. Adapt. Repeat; Community is Everything.

Details: Three types of podcast sponsorship are available –

  • Midroll sponsorship (permanent placement of a recorded-by-host ad for your business). Best for building long-term equity and connection with our community of listeners.
  • Blitz sponsorship (a mini ad placed at the beginning of an episode on the entire catalog of episodes) Best for getting the most exposure in the shortest amount of time. This ad is dynamic, so only lasts for the duration of the sponsorship and is not permanent.
  • Themed Week partnerships – an opportunity to work with host podcast/content team to dream and create a curated week of episodes around a certain
    topic. This is best for maximum depth of exposure around a topic that is a win/win for both listeners and sponsor organization.

Date of opportunity: Flexible

Deadline: Rolling

Added as a HAPO Listing: July 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “P-005.”

P-007: Podcast Guests Wanted

Host Sector: Philanthropy 

Host Audience: Nonprofits 

Host Audience Reach: Distributed via email to full audience currently at 16K with 200 added weekly.

Goal: To interview change-makers in the field of philanthropy.

Interested in Thought Leadership on: Fundraising, philanthropy, innovative technology

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Looking for a change maker within the field of philanthropy. We’ve had fundraisers, philanthropists, innovative technology CEO’s.  The thread that runs through all of these is a focus on relational philanthropy. Looking to interview CEOs, founders, or executive level management.

Past Contributors: BRYANT GROUP, Marc Stein with Jews for Jesus

Past Topics Have Covered: Annual giving, what makes a top fundraiser

Additional Information: The podcasts are audio interviews about 40 minutes in length.  We publish one per month, mid-month.

Date of opportunity: Flexible (beginning in Q1)

Deadline: Rolling 

Added as a HAPO Listing: September 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “P-007.”

P-008: Podcasts Guests Wanted

Host Sector: Web Solutions and Digital Strategy

Host Audience: Nonprofit Executives, Board Members, and IT/Marketing Directors; Social Enterprise/Impact companies; US 60% Female; 30-55 years old

Goal: Our goal is to cultivate a community of learning and encouragement for Woman-Owned Agencies making a positive social impact. This can be in the form of tips and tricks, shared experiences, and a great, friendly conversation with our CEO.

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Our ideal contributor is a woman who owns or runs her own agency and aspires to make a positive social impact.

Date of opportunity: Flexible, between December 2021 to December 2022

Deadline: Rolling

Added as a HAPO Listing: October 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “P-008.”

P-009: Podcasts Guests Wanted

Host Sector: Philanthropic Advisories

Host Audience: Individuals looking to incorporate philanthropy in their business or personal life. 

Goal: Our goal is to share the stories of women entrepreneurs and how they incorporate philanthropy into their professional and personal lives to create impact within their communities. 

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Women entrepreneurs. Need to have a specifically philanthropic aspect (not just a value-based or sustainability-oriented organization). 

Past Contributors: 

  • Gabrielle Wyatt – Founder of the Highland Project
  • Genevieve Piturro – Founder of Pajama Program
  • Carrie Meghie – Co-President of Becker Ventures and Founder of Jackson Chance Foundation

Date of opportunity: Flexible – episodes would air in 2022 but recording could start in Dec. 2021

Deadline: Rolling

Added as a HAPO Listing: 10/29/21

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “P-009.”

P-010: Podcast Guests Wanted

Host Sector: Human Resources Publication and Events

Host Audience: Human resources and business leaders at Fortune 500 – 2000 businesses

Goal: Build a rich content library of insightful, unique audio for the podcast

Interested in Thought Leadership on: HR Tech, Recruitment and Talent, Learning and Talent, Future of Work

Date of opportunity: Flexible

Deadline: Rolling

Added as a HAPO Listing: January 2022

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “P-010.”

Conferences & Events

C-004: Event Speakers Wanted

Host Sector: Social entrepreneurship and crowdfunding

Host Audience: Social entrepreneurs and changemakers

Goal: Looking for speakers for a regular event series where experts in the social good sector share advice and expertise with a network of social entrepreneurs. 

Interested in Thought Leadership on: Crowdfunding, social innovation, social entrepreneurial education, and fundraising (particularly for small teams). 

Date of Opportunity: Flexible – looking for speakers for September-December

Deadline: Rolling

Added as a HAPO Listing: August 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “C-004.”

C-005: Conference Sponsors Wanted

Host Sector: Nonprofit professional development

Host Audience: Current and future nonprofit professionals (600+ attendees)

Goal: Looking for sponsors for a fully virtual conference experience that builds cultural competency and leadership skills in the nonprofit sector. 

Sponsorship Information: Sponsorship packages range from $250-$25,000, and customized sponsorship packages are available. Past sponsors include Insperity, The Alford Group, Center for Creative Leadership, and NeonOne. 

Date of Opportunity: February 23-25, 2022

Deadline: 12/31/21 (for full sponsorship benefits)

Added as a HAPO Listing: September 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “C-005.”


R-001: Research Collaborators Wanted

Host Sector: Fundraising Auction Software

Host Audience: Fundraising decision-makers, fundraising team lead, chairperson, staff, or volunteers; located in North America

Goal: Create and carry out a research project to understand what the future landscape will look like for nonprofit events and let that data lead the way for solutions and content.

Details: Host is happy to work with collaborators to create research, study, etc. Host and collaborators will send out research questionnaires to audiences to obtain research sample size of statistical significance and searching for 360-degree feedback from the industry. No survey has been drafted as of yet so very open to complete collaboration from start to finish, looking to share and use a wide audience with multiple partners for a comprehensive industry outlook piece. 

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Ideal contributor would be searching to understand current problems with a solutions mindset. Organization supporting nonprofits with access to fundraising decision-makers:

  • Any SaaS partner that wants to learn more about the customer journey to sell and find a platform for fundraising and donations.
  • Any general nonprofit support business that wants to learn about their customer personae

Added as a HAPO Listing: September 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “R-001.”


Other Opportunities

O-001: Content Feature Submissions Wanted

Host Sector: Nonprofit Education

Host Audience: Nonprofit staff, board, and volunteers

Goal: To be a Content Expert, the person or organization (for profit, government, or nonprofit) should be able to provide links to their own branded educational material in the form of videos, podcasts, documents (such as checklists), or organized courses that are found on their own website or a public third-party host (such as YouTube, Vimeo, Teachable, Thinkific, etc.) Content created under the brand of a third party, such as a professional association, is only posted if that third party is also a Content Expert with the host. 

Content Experts are eligible to be interviewed as part of an upcoming “Lunch & Learn” livestream series from host.

Interested in Thought Leadership on: Expertise can be any nonprofit specific area, such as fundraising, nonprofit accounting, fiscal sponsorship and etc. It can also be general expertise that is helpful to nonprofits, such as career advancement, making presentations, website security, and more.

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Expertise in a proposed subject that is nonprofit specific or helpful to nonprofits who has educational content in their area of expertise.

Past Contributors: Amy Eisenstein of Capital Campaign Toolkit, Concord Leadership Group, the Nonprofit Snapshot

Past Topics Have Covered: Recurring giving, nonprofit careers, capital campaigns

Note: When filling out the interest form (below) please note the content you’d like to share.

Added as a HAPO Listing: May 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “O-001.” (Please note, this opportunity was formerly listed as June O1.)

O-003: Resource Directory Feature Opportunity

Host Sector: In-kind Donation Platform

Host Audience: Nonprofit fundraising event leaders across U.S. & Canada

Host Audience Reach: 22,000

Goal: Looking for contributors with a product or service that directly benefits nonprofit operations and/or fundraising.

Details: Host has a nonprofit member base of 22k+ fundraising event leaders that host supports year-round. Host will meet with potential contributors with the intention of including contributor with a free listing in host’s Nonprofit Resource Directory.

Interested in Contributors with Expertise In: Auction & Event Management Platforms, Licensed benefit auctioneers, consignment travel and auction packages for events, grant management & fundraising platforms, membership management and CRM’s, operations and other resources

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Minimum 2 years in business. Host also does own vetting for customer satisfaction. Affiliate or referral program in which we can participate is a plus and enable you to receive partner benefits that are typically paid.

Added as a HAPO Listing: June 2021

Interested? Submit this survey with the code “O-003.”

O-004: Research Library Feature Opportunity

Host: Nexus Marketing

Host Audience: Mission-Driven Businesses 

Goal: Looking for contributors trying to get their research on various verticals of the mission-driven sector out there. Ideally research will be useful for mission-driven businesses looking for data to include in their writings on the sector which will benefit the contributor in spreading the word about their research. 

Details: Our Research Library for Mission Driven Businesses is looking for submissions. We are particularly looking for research on fundraising, nonprofits, associations, K-12 education, higher education, small businesses, museums, or community organizations. Have original research you would like to have hosted in the Research Library? Fill out this survey to submit a proposed addition to the library. 

Interested in contributors with: proprietary research on something related to the workings of the mission-driven sector

Added as a HAPO Listing: October 2021

Interested? Submit this survey.


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Text: research library for mission-driven businesses, image: business people shaking hands

Research Library for Mission-Driven Businesses

Looking for research on nonprofits? On fundraising? Or on any other number of topics related to the mission-driven sphere? Here at Nexus Marketing, we know how hard it can be to find relevant information for that next project. We wanted to make it easier for our clients, partners,  and other members of the mission-driven space to be connected to much-needed information. So the Mission-Driven Sector Research Library was born. 

Below, find trustworthy resources on the following topics:

    1. Research on Fundraising and Nonprofits 
    2. Research on Associations
    3. Research on K-12 Education and Youth Welfare
    4. Research on Higher Education
    5. Research on Small Businesses
    6. Research on Museums
    7. Research on Technology Usage
    8. Research on Camps
    9. Submit a Resource for the Library

Research on Fundraising and Nonprofits

Double the Donation’s “Corporate Giving and Matching Gift Statistics”

Updated annually, Double the Donation’s webpage offers data addressing the impact of matching gifts, matching gift promotion, and employee participation. This resource will be most lucrative for those looking for matching gift research. 

Double the Donation’s “Nonprofit Fundraising Statistics”

Also updated annually, this Double the Donation webpage includes information on online and mobile donations, as well as marketing and email. They also provide their own list of recommended resources for fundraising statistics. Turn to this resource when looking for general fundraising statistics.

Fundly’s “Crowdfunding Statistics [Updated for 2020!]”

Fundly’s resource provides data points in areas such as general crowdfunding statistics, the growth of crowdfunding, how crowdfunding’s impact varies depending on the geographic region, and more. Use this resource when looking for data on crowdfunding as a fundraising tactic.  

OneCause’s “The 2021 Giving Experience Study” 

OneCause’s report takes the information learned from surveying 1,026 social donors on topics related to motivation to give, interest in returning to in-person events, engagement tactics, and donor retention. Find relevant stats to your work such as, what percent of donors find the opportunities through advertisements, what factors donors find the most important in a run/walk/ride fundraising event, and what percent of donors plan to engage in-person post-pandemic. Turn to this 32 page report when looking for the opinions of donors on giving in 2021.

OneCause’s “The Fundraising Outlook: 2021 Insights & Planning for Post-Pandemic Engagement” 

In this brand new report OneCause looks back at the nonprofit experience in 2021 with data from 1,954 nonprofit professionals taken in the fall of 2021. Find sections on successes and challenges in 2021, post-pandemic engagement, and technology. Turn to this report for insight on effective strategies for 2022 based on what was seen in 2021. 

OneCause’s “Fundraising Through a Pandemic: Virtual Pivot Insights & 2021 Outlook” 

This 2020 report was based on the surveys of 1,997 nonprofit professionals and features insights on the Nonprofit experience in 2020. This resource will be helpful for those searching for information on the impact of the pandemic on nonprofit professionals in 2020. 

OneCause’s “Social Donor Study: Understanding Motivators & Giving Behaviors”

Looking specifically at fundraising event or peer-to-peer campaign donors, this report report features chapters such as: “Social Donors: Who They Are,” “Retaining Social Donors,” and “Converting Social Donors.” Check out this report when looking for information of fundraising events and peer-to-peer fundraising. 

RaiseDonors and NextAfter’s “The State of Nonprofit Donation Pages” 

Donation pages are an essential part of any nonprofit’s digital presence. In this report learn about the techniques put in place by 200+ nonprofits and what that means for nonprofits as a sector. This report will prove helpful for those looking for donation page-specific research. and NextAfter’s “The Global Online Fundraising Scorecard” 

Based on an examination of 630 organizations across 9 countries NextAfter’s report addresses online fundraising today. Use this report for insight on fundraising communication topics. and NextAfter’s “The Nonprofit Recurring Giving Benchmark Study”

Always wondered how others in the industry acquire and cultivate recurring donors? This report uses the experiences of 115 organizations to explore effective tactics for accomplishing just that. Those looking for information on recurring donor cultivation and acquisition will be interested in this report.

1832 Communications’ “Employee Giving: Does charity begin in the office?”

This free ebook written by Ephraim Gopin explores why employees of nonprofits either give or don’t give to their own organization. This resource includes chapters such as, “Giving Starts at the Top,” “The Case for Oh Hell No,” and “Inviting Employees to Increase Mission Impact.” The “Key Findings” chapter will be particularly beneficial for those looking for data on employee and board giving.

Achieve’s “the Millennial Impact Report: Final Report: Understanding How Millennials Engage with Causes and Social Issues” 

For 10 years Achieve’s research team tracked how millennials interacted with the causes they cared about. This report provides suggestions for how nonprofits can effectively interact with millennials as well as data and graphs on millennials’ giving and participation habits. Turn to this resource when looking for data on millennial giving.

Concord Leadership Group’s “The Nonprofit Leadership Report: The Wake Up Call”

With data-backed insights, this report addresses many facets of nonprofit leadership including leadership styles, strategic planning, leadership development, and more. This report will be most useful to those searching for insight into the internal workings of nonprofits.

Fundraising Report Card’s “Live Benchmarks: Fundraising Metric Reports”

Get truly up-to-date info on the state of fundraising. This resource provides insight such as average donation amounts, donor retention rates based on giving amount, first-time donor retention rate, and more. Those looking for current statistics on nonprofit fundraising will find this resource helpful.

GiveGab Insider’s “Giving Day Data Report 2020” 

Looking for data on giving days in a particular sector, the power of giving days, the impact of repeated giving days, or the results of seasonal giving days? GiveGab may have just what you are looking for! Having tracked data on Giving Days since 2015, GiveGab’s report is the perfect place for those looking to discuss the impact of a Giving Day on fundraising.

GrantStation’s “The 2021 Annual State of Grantseeking Report”

This 82-page report includes chapters such as, “The Pandemic,” “Government Funding,” “Non-Government Funding,” “Challenges to Grantseeking,” and more. Turn to this report when looking for information on grants and grantseeking in the mission-driven sector. 

Blackbaud’s “Luminate Online Benchmark Report 2019” 

This report features information on recent trends related to online fundraising and communication. This report will be useful for those looking for data divided by sector, as well as those looking for research related to nonprofit communications.

CommunityBrands’ “2021 Nonprofit Financial Health Study” 

This resource features sections such as “a deep dive into nonprofit financial health,” “growth and challenges,” “revenue, funding, and grants,” “technology needs, IT and cloud solutions,” “security and risk management,” and “good news on the horizon.” Each section includes data and helpful statistics. As a comprehensive look at nonprofit financials, this resource could be helpful for anyone looking to speak to the state of nonprofits in 2021

Dorothy A. Johnson Center’s “11 Trends in Philanthropy for 2021” 

This report aims to look at all the changing facets of philanthropy over the past year. The report’s contributors speak to the forces impacting philanthropy right now, globalization’s relationship to philanthropy, and more. If what you are looking for is not mentioned directly in this report, it may lead you to the research that does! This report will be most useful for those looking for information on the relationship between philanthropy and our society. 

Fidelity Charitable’s “The Role of Volunteering in Philanthropy”

With a section dedicated to “Volunteering and COVID-19” this resource provides helpful data on the current state of volunteering. Check out this twenty-page report when looking for recent data on volunteering and how it has shifted over the years.

Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies’ “2020 Nonprofit Employment Report”

Nonprofits currently are the 3rd largest employer in the US. This report provides data on the employment practices of nonprofits including an examination of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the nonprofit sector. Turn to this report for recent information on nonprofit employment.

Nonprofit Finance Fund’s “State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey 2018” 

Based on responses from 3000+ nonprofit leaders, this report provides information on the financial health of nonprofits. This resource will be relevant for those looking for general information on the state of nonprofits.

NonprofitHR’s “2021 Nonprofit Talent Retention Practices Survey” 

We all know that retention is a hot topic right now, but what is currently going on in the nonprofit world? In this report find data on talent retention metrics, turnover trends, and more. Take a look at this report when looking for information on retention in the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofit Tech for Good’s “82 Fundraising and Social Media Stats for Nonprofits”

Featuring data from as recently as 2018, this resource compiles information on fundraising, international giving, email fundraising, recurring giving, mobile giving, tribute gifts, matching gifts, P2P fundraising, crowdfunding, #GivingTuesday, giving’s relationship to gender and generations, and more from various sources. This resource will be helpful for those looking for data ranging across all facets of nonprofit fundraising.

NPSource’s “Volunteering Statistics and Trends for Nonprofits” 

This resource provides various percentages related to the current state of volunteering in the United States. Looking for data on volunteers? Check out this resource.

Rogare’s “United States of America: Critical Fundraising Report #3”

This 2019 report features sections written by experts such as Taylor Shanklin (Pursuant), Marc A. Pitman (Concord Leadership Group), and Barbara O’Reilly (Windmill Consulting) with topics like: “the misalignment of social fundraising data sources and donor relations,” “stagnant donor retention rates and national giving levels,” and “state of public trust and the nonprofit starvation cycle.” This resource will be best for those looking for research to back up conversations on fundraiser career development, language to use in donor conversation, the state of US nonprofits in the past few years, and nonprofit professional practice.

Research on Associations

ASAE’s “Association Global Maturity: Critical Actions for Successful International Growth”

For less than $10 access research on association global success in recent years designed for CEOs and chief global officers. Use this report when looking for information related to association growth.

Research on K-12 Education and Youth Welfare

Blackbaud’s “Using 2020 Data to Transform Your K-12 School’s Strategy” 

This report from Blackbaud uses their data from their Charitable Giving Report to examine best practices for K-12 fundraising. Turn to this report for information on the current status of K-12 fundraising. 

Blackbaud’s “The State of the K-12 Education Subsector”

This August 2020 report addresses the upheaval faced by the education system in the early months of the pandemic including discussion of “The Long View,” the current trends of the time, and a look at the future. This report will be useful for those looking for information on the pandemic’s early impact on education.

CASEL’s “Respected: Perspectives of Youth on High School & Social and Emotional Learning” 

This resource addresses topics such as “Young People’s Views on the High School Experience” and “The SEL Effect in American High School.” Check out this report when looking for the impact of education styles on learning outcomes.

EdSurge’s “Education in the Face of Unprecedented Times”

This 60-page report uses research to address topics such as, informed practices, current challenges for educators, and instructional technology. Featuring data on educator satisfaction with edtech, on which skills educators prioritize when teaching, and on what event convinces educators to change their current teaching practices this report will be most useful for those looking for current research on the state of education from the perspective of educators.

National Runaway Safeline “2020 Crisis Services & Prevention Report”

The report examines the characteristics of the individuals who contacted the National Runaway Safeline (NRS) in calendar year 2020, the channels through which these individuals connected with NRS, the problems identified that warranted crisis intervention, the services that NRS provided, and how connections with NRS differed before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. The data in this report provides critical information about the needs of youth who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, and how NRS can best meet the needs of youth in crisis and those who care about them. This resource will be useful to anyone looking to better understand the issues surrounding runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth.

NewSchools/Gallup’s “Poll on Distance Learning”

This summer 2020 report features data on confidence in the quality of education, student’s feelings on digital learning tools, and parent involvement with learning. Choose this resource when looking for research on the pandemic’s impact on education. 

NewSchools/Gallup’s “The 2019 NewSchools-Gallup Survey of Educator & Student Perceptions of Ed Tech” 

This 2019 report features data on pre-pandemic feelings towards ed tech. Includes data of perceived efficacy, who should be in charge of choosing ed tech, and uses of ed tech. This resource will be helpful for those looking to comment on technology in the education system over the past few years.

Research on Higher Education

CASE’s “Voluntary Support of Education Key Findings, 2019-2021” 

Using research from their Voluntary Support of Education survey CASE examines college and university giving in research years. Those looking for information on giving practices related specifically to higher education will find this resource helpful.

Research on Small Businesses

FinancesOnline’s “63 Crucial Small Business Statistics for 2021/2022: Data Analysis and Projections” 

This 2021/2022 research features sections such as, “Small Business Sector Statistics,” “Small Business & Finance Statistics,” “Small Business & Technology Statistics,” this resource will be helpful to those searching for recent data associated with small businesses. 

US Census Bureau’s “Small Business Pulse Survey”

This resource includes charts and infographics related to COVID-19’s impact on the sector including a breakdown by geography and sector, as well as over time. It is updated regularly. Check out this resource when looking for info on the current state of small businesses.

Research on Museums

UNESDOC’s “Museums Around the World: In the Face of COVID-19” 

In this comprehensive report, UNESDOC addresses topics such as “museum activities in times of crisis” and “public measures in support of museums”. Includes key findings such as how much revenue dropped for museums since 2019, the number of museums around the world, etc. Take the time to peruse this resource when looking for information on the current state of museums.

Research on Technology Usage

The RW Institute’s “Corporate Volunteering, Giving and Grants Technology Review: 2021 Edition”

This review is the only one of it’s kind in the industry. It offers CSR practitioners with an overview of platforms from around the world that support employee giving, volunteering, and grant programs. It provides insight into technology procurement, implementation, and adoption. This resource will be most helpful for CSR practitioners exploring platforms that pertain to employee giving, volunteering, and grants as well as managers responsible for corporate community investments.

IMPACT’s “14 Case Study-Fueled Statistics & Web Design Trends of 2019” 

Want data on what design choices make a website successful? Check out this 2019 report to learn what draws web goers in. Use this resource for when you need data directly related to effective website design.

Pew Research Center’s “Mobile Fact Sheet” 

We all know smartphone usage is a major part of daily life for the majority of Americans. But, have you ever wondered specifically the role of mobile devices in American society? Pew’s research provides insight on who owns smartphones, as well as smartphone dependency. Insight from this resource can be useful for anyone discussing the role of mobile presences. 

The Verge’s “Tech Survey 2020” 

It is hard to imagine American life without an abundant use of technology. But how do Americans actually feel about the technology, the companies behind the popular platforms, or the various social media platforms? The Verge’s research provides clear numbers on all of these topics. This resource will be most helpful for those looking at the role of technology, tech companies, or social media in American society. 

Research on Camps

American Camp Association’s “CampCounts 2020 Report” 

This annual report is comprised of research based on 486 camps that operated during the summer of 2020 and speaks particularly to the health and safety measures put in place and the success of these measures. Use this resource when looking for information on the pandemic’s impact on summer camps.

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