Nonprofit Fundraising & Operations Experts Wanted

Goal: Looking for contributors with a product or service that directly benefits nonprofit operations and/or fundraising.

Interested in Contributors with Expertise In: Auction & Event Management Platforms, Licensed benefit auctioneers, consignment travel and auction packages for events, grant management & fundraising platforms, membership management and CRM’s, operations and other resources

Host Sector: In-kind Donation Platform

Host Audience: Nonprofit fundraising event leaders across U.S. & Canada

Host Audience Reach: 22,000

Details: Host has a nonprofit member base of 22k+ fundraising event leaders that host supports year-round. Host will meet with potential contributors with the intention of including contributor with a free listing in host’s Nonprofit Resource Directory.

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Minimum 2 years in business. Host also does own vetting for customer satisfaction. Affiliate or referral program in which we can participate is a plus and enable you to receive partner benefits that are typically paid.

Added as a Digital PR Listing: June 2021