Nonprofit Research Collaborators Wanted

Goal: Create and carry out a research project to understand what the future landscape will look like for nonprofit events and let that data lead the way for solutions and content.

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Ideal contributor would be searching to understand current problems with a solutions mindset. Organization supporting nonprofits with access to fundraising decision-makers:

  • Any SaaS partner that wants to learn more about the customer journey to sell and find a platform for fundraising and donations.
  • Any general nonprofit support business that wants to learn about their customer personae

Host Sector: Fundraising Auction Software

Host Audience: Fundraising decision-makers, fundraising team lead, chairperson, staff, or volunteers; located in North America

Details: Host is happy to work with collaborators to create research, study, etc. Host and collaborators will send out research questionnaires to audiences to obtain research sample size of statistical significance and searching for 360-degree feedback from the industry. No survey has been drafted as of yet so very open to complete collaboration from start to finish, looking to share and use a wide audience with multiple partners for a comprehensive industry outlook piece.

Added as a Digital PR Listing: September 2021