NXUnite Panel Results Chart Swaim Strategies joined for a panel on nonprofit storytelling and received the contact info for 254 registrants with 4 who particularly asked for more info on the brand. QueenBee Fundraising joined for a panel on event best practices. Where there were 105 registrants and 7 people interested in more info on the brand. Learn Grant Writing .org joined a panel on Grant Writing with 169 registrants and 19 opt-ins Finally, Double the Donation joined a panel on engaging corporate partners with 148 registrants and 3 brand opt-ins. Image also talks about how panelists benefit from making industry connections and centering themselves as a thought leader in the space through panels. Finally, there are some panelist quotes. Cierra Selby of Great Internal Communications mentioned how it was a positive experience with great communication from Nexus staff. Carly Euler of MemoryFox mentions how easy it was and the benefit of the registration list and recording as a small business. Teresa Huff of the Grant Writing Simplified Podcast mentioned the high level of organization and how the marketing materials made it easy.