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Sponsors for Nonprofit Education Website Wanted

Sponsors for Nonprofit Education Website Wanted

Goal: Seeking sponsors for nonprofit resource website. Sponsorship may include the option of a guest post, panel, podcast, or webinar. Help us pursue our complementary visions of helping nonprofits make lasting change in their communities and the world.

Ideal Contributor: Provides useful services to nonprofits and has a dynamic presence in promoting best practices and thoughtful discourse in the sector. Creates active, new content that can be promoted via host’s newsletter.

Host Sector:  Fundraising, marketing, and board coaching and teaching

Host Audience:  Nonprofit organizations of all sizes and shapes. International; mostly U.S. and Canada.

Audience Reach: 10,000 mailing list. Sponsors underwrite free bimonthly newsletter of curated links to free resources. Links to sponsor’s content are included in each of 26 issues per year in addition to an evergreen link and endorsement on host’s website.

Past Contributors: Yearly, Veritus Group, Bloomerang

Timeframe: Yearlong sponsorship

Cost: $1,356/year

Added as a HAPO Listing: April 2023


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Nonprofit Fundraising & Operations Experts Wanted

Nonprofit Fundraising & Operations Experts Wanted

Goal: Looking for contributors with a product or service that directly benefits nonprofit operations and/or fundraising.

Interested in Contributors with Expertise In: Auction & Event Management Platforms, Licensed benefit auctioneers, consignment travel and auction packages for events, grant management & fundraising platforms, membership management and CRM’s, operations and other resources

Host Sector: In-kind Donation Platform

Host Audience: Nonprofit fundraising event leaders across U.S. & Canada

Host Audience Reach: 22,000

Details: Host has a nonprofit member base of 22k+ fundraising event leaders that host supports year-round. Host will meet with potential contributors with the intention of including contributor with a free listing in host’s Nonprofit Resource Directory.

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Minimum 2 years in business. Host also does own vetting for customer satisfaction. Affiliate or referral program in which we can participate is a plus and enable you to receive partner benefits that are typically paid.

Added as a HAPO Listing: June 2021


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Mission-Driven Sector Research Wanted

Mission-Driven Sector Research Wanted

Goal: Looking for contributors trying to get their research on various verticals of the mission-driven sector out there. Ideally, research will be useful for mission-driven businesses looking for data to include in their writings on the sector which will benefit the contributor in spreading the word about their research.

Interested in contributors with: Proprietary research on something related to the workings of the mission-driven sector

Host: Nexus Marketing

Host Audience: Mission-Driven Businesses

Details: Our Research Library for Mission Driven Businesses is looking for submissions. We are particularly looking for research on fundraising, nonprofits, associations, K-12 education, higher education, small businesses, museums, or community organizations. Have original research you would like to have hosted in the Research Library? Fill out this survey to submit a proposed addition to the library.

Added as a HAPO Listing: October 2021


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Nonprofit Content Experts Wanted

Nonprofit Content Experts Wanted

Goal: To be a Content Expert, the person or organization (for profit, government, or nonprofit) should be able to provide links to their own branded educational material in the form of videos, podcasts, documents (such as checklists), or organized courses that are found on their own website or a public third-party host (such as YouTube, Vimeo, Teachable, Thinkific, etc.) Content created under the brand of a third party, such as a professional association, is only posted if that third party is also a Content Expert with the host.

Content Experts are eligible to be interviewed as part of an upcoming “Lunch & Learn” livestream series from host.

Interested in Thought Leadership on: Expertise can be any nonprofit specific area, such as fundraising, nonprofit accounting, fiscal sponsorship and etc. It can also be general expertise that is helpful to nonprofits, such as career advancement, making presentations, website security, and more.

Ideal Contributor and Qualifications: Expertise in a proposed subject that is nonprofit specific or helpful to nonprofits who has educational content in their area of expertise.

Host Sector: Nonprofit Education

Host Audience: Nonprofit staff, board, and volunteers

Past Contributors: Amy Eisenstein of Capital Campaign Toolkit, Concord Leadership Group, the Nonprofit Snapshot

Past Topics Have Covered: Recurring giving, nonprofit careers, capital campaigns

Note: When filling out the interest form (below) please note the content you’d like to share.

Added as a HAPO Listing: May 2021


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